петак, 29. јун 2018.

To my friends Suzana and Željko

Dear Suzana and Zeljko,

I know it is not comfortable to you because of the precise drawings of circles, which mark targets on your foreheads. But that is the life today “in the better part of BiH”. Only the marking of these targets, brings closer growth, everything else is in total decline. 

You know full well that the problem is not with you, even though they put you in a large problem, but the problem resides in the mental composition in the Person who is doing this. 

He does this out of his own fear, that malicious Neanderthal, falsely convinced he can scare you. What idiotic thoughts! 

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present”, says Francis Bacon. 

You can not even imagine how brightly you shine next to all that darkness which 
The Macbeth of the new age emits.

With respect,

Your friend Slobodan Vasković